• Narappa



    #Narappa - Scene to scene remake of #Asuran.

    #Venkatesh did a great job.

    No changes in scenes, script, bgm is the major plus.

    Aged #VenkyMama is perfect while the young role wasnt a fitting one.

    Could have casted any other in the flashback.

    Still a perfect remake

    Blockbuster ✌️

  • Maadathy



    #Maadathy - How a girl from oppressed caste becomes deity to the ppl.

    Brilliant writting. Movie length is small.

    The screenplay it too slow but the director didnt add anything out of the context in plot.

    Dir also showed about the caste gender discrimination

    Great one

  • Vaazhl



    #Vaazhl - Hero goes to nagercoil with his relative to settle a debt. What happens in the travel is the stry.

    Cinematography, BGM, songs, location r best.

    But 1st half narration was a total let down. 2nd half was gud with narration n locations.

    As whole this is not what I expect from Aruvi director


  • Kshanam



    #Kshanam - Sanfranciso based investment banker comes to in search of her ex-lover's daughter.

    #AdiviSesh looks class.

    He is also the stry writter of the movie. Writing was great.

    Also screenplay was kept so tight n intriguing. BGM was good

    Good one 👍

  • Anugraheethan Antony

    Anugraheethan Antony


    Antony, care free attitude guy n his dad didnt it. So he gets 2 dogs. That 2 dogs will change the life of Antony.

    All characters did a great job. #Rony steels the show.

    Bgm n songs are gud. 2nd half had some bored scenes.

    Climax was so touching

    The chemistry between #SunnyWayne n #Gowri is blissful to watch. First half was long but it was too gud. But 2nd half isnt that gud.

    Above Avg.

  • Legend



    #Legend aka #BB2 - Another mass commercial action movie from #BoyapatiSrinu

    As usual high octane fights from #NandamuriBalakrishna

    No logic - Enjoy the magic formula once again from maker

    Stry is not new at all same old school stry n old school making

    Ipo partha CRINGE than

  • Cold Case

    Cold Case


    #ColdCase - A skull is found in a pond. The stry revolves around that skull

    Asusual #Prithviraj rocks with this look n acting

    The stry is little predictable in the end

    The only thing which I liked is the screenplay handled in the investigation

    Average - Could have been better

  • The Lunchbox

    The Lunchbox


    #TheLunchbox - Two ppl are getting connected by the mistake done by the lunch carrier service team

    Beautifully written ❤️

    #IrffanKhan #NimratKaur #NawazuddinSiddiqui carries their role perfectly

    Pls dont miss this beautiful feel good movie ✌️

    Available in netflix

  • Muran



    #Muran - A dry stry but the screenplay kept the movie alive. Also the movie is predictable

    #Prashana is the show stealer while #Cheran tried his best to match him

    Latter half beginning parts werent engaging

    Average thriller drama that worked in parts

  • Jagame Thandhiram

    Jagame Thandhiram


    #JagameThandiram - A madurai based gangster flying to UK as a paid goon n the stry goes

    Best part is #Cinemotography n #BGM

    Stry line is new but the screenplay is too predictable

    #Dhanush scores in some scenes👍

    #JojuGeorge 👏

    One time watchable gangster drama - Average

  • Anaamika



    #Anaamika - Adoption from #Kaahani

    #Nayathara asusual brilliant with her acting 💥

    But the way of stry telling doesnt her. It has some high points n falls flat at many places.

    BGM was quiet good 👍

    Not a #SekharKammula 's cup of tea


  • Brucelee 2

    Brucelee 2


    #BruceLee2 - A stunt man assigned for a secret operation and the stry revolves around it

    Stryline is treated in commercial way

    #Thaman bgm 💥

    #RamCharan looks class

    #ArunVijay looks swaggy

    #MegaStar cameo ❤️

    One time watchable average commercial movie - Average