• Picket 43

    Picket 43


    Indian solider n pakistan soldier becoming frends whn thy meet in picket 43 at loc and stry revolves around picket 43

    #PrithviRaj acting is a major plus 👍

    Climax was so touching with the way it was ended 😍

    Spl mention Havildar baccardi ❤️

    Must watch ✌️

  • Pranchiyettan & The Saint

    Pranchiyettan & The Saint


    Hero is a businessman n he gets profit in all the business he does but he didnt have a seperate name for him. Things revolve around it

    Best from #Mammukka ✌️ loved the thrissur slang

    Loved the comical part of #Innocent

    Must watch 👍 dont miss it

  • Annmariya Kalippilaanu

    Annmariya Kalippilaanu


    #Sarah needs to take revenge on her PT master. So hires a goon. Then stry revolves around it

    Be it any genre #MidhunManuelThomas never disappoints us

    Asusual #Siddhique rocked with his role

    A fun filled with touching climax - Must watch

    Climax ❤️

  • Jessie



    4 ghost hunters goes into a haunted house and the plot revolves around it

    Completely fresh ghost movie with gud twist

    Running time is short n perfect

    Also detailing work 👏👏

    Must watch 👍

  • Kayamkulam Kochunni

    Kayamkulam Kochunni


    A common man to highway thief - an untold story of unsung hero

    #Nivin did a great job 👏

    #Mohanlal cameo n interval block 👍

    Gud stry with superb screenplay

    #RosshanAndrrews becoming a minimum guarentee director

    Must watch ❤️

  • Kala



    Simple story with effective treatment and brilliant screenplay

    Spl appreciation to camera work, BGM

    Superb acting from #TovinoThomas n #SumeshMoor

    Action scenes ellam therikka vitturukanga

    Metaphoric scenes top class

    Good one ✌️

  • Sarbath



    1.Doesn't know what is the relationship between the title and the story line

    2.Doesnt know why kathir choosed this subject

    3.Why he has deep trust in this

    This is not expected from #Kathir

    Mokka comedy

    There is no 1 good factor in this

    Below average

  • Jathi Ratnalu

    Jathi Ratnalu


    Finally one out and out comical drama from #NaveenPolishetty

    First half went very well and there was some lag in the second half and the last 30 mins was the best 😂

    Full laugh riot 🤣

    #Radhan BGM was major plus

    Good one 👏

  • Chitralahari



    A young man trying to create an app for road accident and the story revolves around the guy

    #SaiDharamTej n #KalyaniPriyadarshan combo looks gud ✌️

    #NivethaPethuraj decent role 👍

    #DSP shines 💥

    Gud output and loved the climax ❤️

  • Yuvarathnaa



    A college based drama which is all about Private vs Government

    Average first half followed by good second half

    #Puneet looks great in both ✌️

    Overdose of Mass

    #Thaman BGM 👌

    They could have handled this plot in a better way - Average

    Loved that board seq😂

  • Karnan



    An issue faced by a village and the struggle they face to get it sorted

    #Dhanush #RajishaVijayan and other acting 👌

    #SaNa music 💥

    The length of the movie is the main issue

    The movie is good but still didn't fulfill the expectation had on the movie

  • The Girl on the Train

    The Girl on the Train


    A fair ride with unconvincing climax

    Basically the basic story itself is not good

    The heroine has Amnesia but she remembers more things other than the murder. This looks illogical

    #ParineetiChopra acting was good 👍