• Mimi



    #Mimi - A foreign couple needs a surrogate. They pick #KritiSanon. What happens next is the plot.

    Exceptional writing n execution.

    Loved the performance of everyone.

    #ARR shines in songs n bgm.

    This is what we expect from bollywood not the remakes

    Best 💥

  • Aarya 2

    Aarya 2


    #Arya2 - Two orphans with diff characters are seperated n then fate reunites them n they fell in love with same girl.

    #AlluArjun rocked with his screen presence.

    But the stry was like travelling to various places n tests our patience.

    Psychotic behaviours irritates us.



  • Navarasa



    #Navarasa - Overall An average anthology from the makers who joins for a gud cause.

    For me
    Rathindran Prasad > Karthick Naren > Aravind swamy > GVM > Vasanth Sai > Bejoy Nambiar > Karthik subburaj > Priyadharshan > Sarjun KM

    #GuitarKambiMeleNindru - How a musician n a singer gets into love with each other. It went only with conversations which tested out patience little. Songs were gud which laid the platform for the movie. #PC sir's frames are eye catching
    Above average

    #Edhiri - #VJS kills a…

  • Eighteen Hours

    Eighteen Hours


    #EighteenHours - Girls going to bangalore through bus. A grp of men hijacked it. What happens is the main plot.

    Survival thriller with grp of girls is new.

    Dir could have added some sub plot n made it more interesting.

    Climax isnt convincing.

    Decent attempt


  • Iddarammayilatho



    #Iddarammayilatho - Catherine finds a diary in room. The stry in the diary cuts abruptly. She goes n finds what happened.

    Its wasnt a proper #AlluArjun movie but last 20 mins was the best.

    Love tracks are so lengthy.

    Twist is gud.

    Normal commercial flick with more love


  • Aravindante Athidhikal

    Aravindante Athidhikal


    #AravindanteAthidhikal - Aravindan abandoned by his mother n a local person takes care of him. His wish is to see his mother.

    Stry seems to be old but the cinematography, frames r eye catching.

    Loved #Kannae song.

    Slow screenplay old stry with new making

    Above average

  • Joyful Mystery

    Joyful Mystery


    #SanthoshathinteOnnamRahasyam - Couples on the way to their doubtful pregnancy check. They discuss about their past n future.

    Narration is slow n gud.

    Gud concept n attempt from the dir.
    Kudos to him.

    #RimaKallingal is as gud as always.

    Slips in some parts but still a gud one


  • Maryada Ramanna

    Maryada Ramanna


    #MaryadaRamanna - Hero decides to sale the land he owns in his home town. There a group is waiting to take revenge.

    Didnt expect a fun blast from #SSRajamouli.

    Tamil version had more jokes but this one was perfect in everything.

    A gud binge watch

    Good one ✌️

  • Ikkat



    #Ikkat - Couples decided to divorce. At that time lockdown is imposed. Thats the plot.

    Stry wise it is gud.

    But the screenplay n the treatment didnt work.

    This not what we expect from the dir of #UTurn.

    1st half was fairly engaging but 2nd was total worst

    Below Average

  • School Bus

    School Bus


    #SchoolBus - Small boy did a mistake in his school which created a huge problem. He decides to elope. Then stry moves on.

    Hats off to the writers for writing a stry based on 12 yr child.

    1st half was slow.

    2nd half was gud.

    Loved the climax.

    Could have been better.

    Above Avg

  • Thittam Irandu

    Thittam Irandu


    #ThittamIrandu - Heroine's frend went missing. Heroine investigates it.

    Slow start which test our patience.

    1st half was very slow.

    But 2nd half was gud n the last 20 mins was brilliant.

    A completely new plot in tamil cinema.

    Gud debut for Dir #VK for giving us new plot


  • Udhayan


    #Udhayan - Revenge drama which offers nothing new.

    #Udhayan character was the only gud thing.

    Reason for revenge is baseless.

    Doesnt know what attracted #Arulnidhi to choose this.

    Songs bgm nothing worked well.

    Complete failure from #Arulnidhi

    Pakkama vitturalam