• Style


    #Style - #Tovino slapped heroine. #UnniMukundan hits back. So #Tovino will search to take revenge.

    Normal commerical story with no high points in the screenplay.

    It was so dull n villanism from #Tovino is not upto the mark.

    Just saw the movie for #TovinoThomas

    Below Average

  • Bhuj: The Pride of India

    Bhuj: The Pride of India


    #BhujThePrideofIndia - War happened between Ind-Pak in 1971.

    Solid stry n plot but the makers missed out in screenplay.

    Loved #AmmyVirk n #SanjayDutt role.

    Other roles are just for screen presence alone

    #AjayDevgan scores only in climax.

    Could have been better in making


  • Kuruthi



    #Kuruthi - When a muslim family waits for a dinner from a hindu woman unexpected things happens.

    Speaks about community issues.

    #Prithviraj shines but the screen space is less.

    #Mamukoya perf is splendid.

    Slow start but once the plot is set it goes like a fire.

    Taunting BGM


  • Athbhutha Dweepu

    Athbhutha Dweepu


    #AthbhuthaDweepu - A group of navy guys lands in an island of dwarfs. What happens there is the plot.

    Doesnt know why #Prithviraj selected the script as his scoring places are too less.

    But did a great job.

    Plot was too gud and loved the fantasy elements.

    Kids will love it

    Above avg

  • Netrikann



    #Netrikann - Womens are getting kidnapped. Nayan set out to find it.

    #Nayan is terrific.

    #Manikandan stole the show.

    #Ajmal's overacting was too irritating.

    Dir could hav made the screenplay intriguing.

    Latter part is the main issue.

    This is not what we expect from dir of Aval.


  • Kismath



    #Kismath - Muslim boy n lower caste girl fell in love with each other. They goes to police station for it. What happens next is the stry.

    Cleanly written with subtle acting.

    Dialogues are very gud which r inspires from real life.

    Loved the climax n the climax song

    Good one ✌️

  • Shershaah



    #Shershaah - Biography of Cap. Vikram batra.

    #Sid shined with his acting.

    Those war scenes are captured brilliantly.

    The journey was inspiring but the movie isnt.

    Loved the climax.

    Felt the connectivity miss.

    #VishnuVaradhan missed the opportunity given.

    Could hav been better.


  • Panjaa



    #Panjaa - #PawanKalyan promises his dada-he will be a shadow for dada's son. But something unexpected happen.

    Performance is gud.

    #VishnuVardhan once again proves he is the best stylish dir.

    But the stry n screenplay isnt convincing.

    If that is gud then this would be his best wrk.

    Bgms are pakka


  • Atharintiki Daaredi

    Atharintiki Daaredi


    #AtharintikiDaaredi - Grandson promises his grandfather to get her daughter back to him.

    Normal telugu stry line but clicked in all aspects.

    #PawanKalyan carries the movie in his shoulders.

    Running time is just an issue but still there is no bore scenes.

    Perfect time pass


  • Double Barrel

    Double Barrel


    Pancho n vinci tries to get precious stones from a don. At the time of deal, things get complicated.

    This is not the product which we expect from #LJP.

    Unwanted scenes n sequences. Core idea is gud. But the screenplay wasnt gud. Bgm is gud

    Below avg.

  • Aanum Pennum

    Aanum Pennum


    #Savithri - Normal revenge drama happening at the time of British ruled India

    Stry is not at all convincing
    Performance wise it is average

    #Rachiyamma - Stryline la onnu perusa illa
    Even stars like #AsifAli #Parvathy cant able to save the movie

    Only one gud thing is performance of #Parvathy

    Mathapadi soldra aalavuku onnu illa
    Below average

    #Rani - Normal love stry which happens now
    #NedumudiVenu is the show stealer ✌️
    The climax twist is too good 👏👏

  • Mimi



    #Mimi - A foreign couple needs a surrogate. They pick #KritiSanon. What happens next is the plot.

    Exceptional writing n execution.

    Loved the performance of everyone.

    #ARR shines in songs n bgm.

    This is what we expect from bollywood not the remakes

    Best 💥