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  • Bheemante Vazhi

    Bheemante Vazhi

    #BheemanteVazhi Big problem was handled in a lighter way.Gud plot could have addressed more common issues within it.The movie was in n off engaging but the dir took the cinematic liberty in the climax which was the major disappointment.Villian was so irritating


  • Rocky


    #ROCKY Old wine in new box. Stry wasnt very new but the making, Cinematography,bgm stands tall. Narration was unique but this wont be everyone's cup of tea.Kudos to #Shreyas for the shots.Gud debut for the dir.Every actor did their job. This isnt a great but still DECENT watch

  • Second Show

    Second Show


    #SecondShow Debut DQ shines with his perf.Asusual a underdog to king kinda stry line but the treatment was diff.The revealing thing n the climax twist was gud.Loved #SunnyWayne perf.The screenplay was little slow.A notable debut for #DQ

    Above avg

  • Kaaval


    #Kaaval Sureshgopi dialogues n screen presence r the best.Loved some mass scenes.But the stry or the narration isnt gud.Some parts r even predictable. The revealing portion was gud.Liked Ennomal song.Weak villian sketch.Slow paced screenplay sometime tests our patience

    Below avg

  • Shyam Singha Roy

    Shyam Singha Roy


    #ShyamSinghaRoy loved #Nani's getup n perf.#SaiPallavi stoled our hearts. BGMs r too gud.Liked the 1st half pretty much. But the latter half had the issues. Flashback love portions wasnt crafted well. But still some parts worked n some didnt.kudos to art dir team

    Abv Average

  • Jail


    #Jail Hard hitting drama from #VasanthaBalan which worked in parts.Loved the radhika scenes in 2nd half.Abarnathi climax dialogue was gud. Cinematography okies.Other than that nothing worked well.Forced climax,method of narration,songs r the major disappointing factor

    Below avg

  • Sridevi Soda Center

    Sridevi Soda Center


    #SrideviSodaCenter Quiet amazed with the plot.Seeing a telugu movie with this plot fr the 1st time.1st half wasnt great. It went okiesh.The love portions could have been better.The movie gets heated before the pre-climax portion alone. It was lit.Loved Perf of #Anandhi

    Abv avg

  • Minnal Murali

    Minnal Murali


    #MinnalMurali Amazed with the work.Take a bow #Basil.#Tovino is the perfect choice.But #Gurusoma rocked with his terrific perf.The movie has issues but the work they did is absolutely stunning.BGM is the another pillar.Forgot the issues,logic but enjoy the magic

    Loved it

  • 83



    #83TheFilm Kudos to the entire team for a grand making n thank u for taking us to those moments. Ranvir was the show stealer. Emotional connect worked very well. Showing the real moments in black n white was the best. Keep ur expectations low n do watch the film, U will love it

  • Satyameva Jayate 2

    Satyameva Jayate 2

    #SatyamevaJayate2 Doesnt know why #JohnAbhraham selected this script as sequal. 90s stry with predictable narration. High octane actions scenes r nt needed for the stry itself. But to have a masala flavour they have added it n made something like rasam biscuit


  • Blood Money

    Blood Money

    #BloodMoney #PBS rocks with her perf. Gud stry line but the execution wasnt great. #Shirish played a decent role. Emotional connect wasnt there at the start but it worked in climax. Predictable screenplay. Run time was a great adv. A gud attempt

    Decent OTT watch

  • Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal

    Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal


    #MosayileKuthiraMeenukal Loved the cinematography beautiful visuals of lakshadweep.#AsifAli n #SunnyWayne rocked it with their perf. It has issues but the eye pleasing visuals will keep u engaged.Decent role for #Joju. Liked the BGM very much. Gud heart whelming drama

    Loved it