• Pathaan



    An absolute no brainer action thriller. We should keep our brain out at the start itself. The actions scenes worked at all the places. But rest of the scenes were below par. The first half was a bang start falls flat till the pre-interval block. The interval block was good comparing to the first half flow. The second half had more good moments to enjoy in terms of action scenes. I saw the tamil version so I cant complain on…

  • Saturday Night

    Saturday Night


    I dont know what made Roshan Andrews to take this film. The premise was set and the characters were casted well. But the writing and the execution part literally fcuked up. Cant even enjoy 1 scene in the whole movie. I dont think Nivin would have watched the screen after he acted a scene. So much over-acting. Well established character artists was not able to save this film. A film to forget for Nivin and Roshan in their filmography. Hats…

  • Point Blank

    Point Blank


    An out and out action thriller which will keep us in edge of the seat for sure. The running time is too less. This movie was remaked in Tamil as Kadaram Kondan. Could have done a scene by scene remake and it would have worked. Added some extra scenes and that movie got spoiled. But this one will surely work for action movie lovers. I really loved the way the chasing scene in the metro was stagged.


  • Dhamaka



    A proper template telugu commercial entertainer. Nothing new actually. Asusual mass maharaj's template things. He scored in all parts where ever he can. But Sreeleela stole my heart. She looks so great. Her dance looks eye catching. That too in Jinthaak song and pulsar song. Started following her in insta now. Other than that nothing great and entertaining in this. Could have kept us moments to enjoy. Songs were good actually. Felt like something new was added. BGM could have been better


  • Gurumoorthi



    I dont know what made my friend to have this movie in his wish list. He convinced me with the name poonam bajwa. So saw this movie and had a tiring experience. I was requesting my friend to switch it off every 20 minutes. But he wasnt allowing me to do. 1/2 star for poonam bajwa


  • Theevram



    A revenge drama. First of all I didnt like the tone color of the movie. It got released in 2012. But the tone looks like the film was shot in early 2000s. The first half had some good moments. But the second half lost its tempo and went predictable. DQ looks great and thats a great positive

    Below average

  • Mission Majnu

    Mission Majnu


    Based on true events. Bollywood used to do these kinds of SPY thriller with ease. They are masters in doing patriotic movies. We can also add this movie in that list. Had some issues in the middle. But it worked for me. Loved the chemistry between Siddharth and Rashmika. Also loved the way the director used the cast. The casting is the biggest plus point. You can try this out for sure


  • Driver Jamuna

    Driver Jamuna


    A thriller which was set in a political line. The movie didnt have a good gripping scenes right from the start. It was passable till the pre-climax. There was a forced twist which didnt have any logic with it. Could have done it with a trustworthy logic. It felt like the director thought that climax is much needed for a thriller. Yes, it is needed but there should have a proper backdrop so that the bang on climax will work.…

  • Varalaru Mukkiyam

    Varalaru Mukkiyam


    Dont know what made jeeva to choose this script. Liked direct and double meaning jokes. 2 cute heroines. Other than that nothing worked. The running time was nearly 2 hours and 25 minutes. I was not able to see it for 1 hour continuously. Quater star for double meanings. Quater star for heroines. Both the heroines were cute on screen. 100 marks to heroine selection.


  • Estate



    Story had a great scope to convert this as a good horror thriller. But the director failed to utilize it. It is clearly half baked in everything. Cinematography, editing etc. Could have finished the movie with director's imagination. They just closed it suddenly. The back story of the plot was good.


  • Mukundan Unni Associates™

    Mukundan Unni Associates™


    Malayalam cinema always has its own unique untouched story lines. The line might look very simple. But they will share us more things about that line in a 2 hours movie. All malayalam movies arent like that. But malayalam movies have more number of films in entire south india. One amoung that list is this one. This one has a unique way od story telling as well. The pre-climax portions had a little logic-less scenes but still you will be…

  • Varisu



    A pure telugu mass masala - Family entertainment subject with thalapathy vijay as lead. Vijay - Jayasudha bond connected well. But Vijay - Sarath kumar bond didnt worked for me. It looked artificial at most of the places. Yogi babu - Vijay one liners worked. Thaman is the back bone and no doubt in it. First half was slow, steady and passable. Second half wasnt that great. Theatrical mass moments worked at all the places. But other didnt. Rashmika comes…