Only good thing which I do in my life is watching films ❤️

Favorite films

  • Angamaly Diaries
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Vaaranam Aayiram
  • Jersey

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  • Dinosaurs


  • Kousalya Supraja Rama


  • Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare


  • Aneethi


Recent reviews

  • Dinosaurs



    1st half was good with the plot setting. Loved the interval block sequence and elevation kept. Latter half was so dull with those saavu scenes. Climax felt okay comparing to the dreadful latter half

  • Kousalya Supraja Rama

    Kousalya Supraja Rama


    A normal family drama which was set in the back drop of male chauvinistic. Liked the reason given for the plot. College scenes and the love portion was good. Milana flash back wasnt great. Milana cute

Popular reviews

  • Mark Antony

    Mark Antony


    This is the Adhik whom I want to see as a film maker. He needs to get rid of A jokes. GVP anna pure OVOP. Got drums at whole sale and used all of them. Hearing the BGM for the 1st time was good. When its get repeated you wont love it. Adhik writing was so good. SJS as proto and anto rocked while vishal anna comes as a character artist was good as well

  • Bakasuran



    Mohan G is a boomer kid and asking us to become a boomer like him. Only thing which I liked was the mythological factor of Bheeman. Rest of the time I was typing the cheat code leave me alone