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  • Germany Year 90 Nine Zero
  • Roy's World: Barry Gifford's Chicago
  • Rendezvous in Chicago
  • The Godfather: Part II

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  • Rendezvous in Chicago

    Rendezvous in Chicago


    Loved the focus on story instead of heavy action, it's really more of a thinking person's film as opposed to those wanting heavy comic book-like stimulation. The characters were consistent with people who most individuals already know, making them relatable and therefore people you want to root for. The script was fun, breezy and a great love letter to Chicago and relationships.

  • Cool Apocalypse

    Cool Apocalypse


    An awesome indie comedy/drama along the lines of the Before Sunset trilogy-the relationships unfold through everyday life events expressed through dialogue. Realistic p.o.v. on the complexities of how romantic relationships bloom and disintegrate.

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  • Mercury in Retrograde

    Mercury in Retrograde


    Six people - three couples - from the big city travel to a cabin in the woods of Michigan for a weekend of "R and R" and find their lives irrevocably changed because of the drama that transpires. This is an excellent character study reminiscent of relationship films like "The Big Chill" but made independently. It is a quiet movie full of real insights into human nature but with moments of subtle humor too. The main reason to watch this…