The Godfather: Part II

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This review may contain spoilers.

+Al pacino killed it at being the Don of the Corleone family. Particularly his performace is incredible in the scene where Kay admits to the abortion.
+De Niro's performance as a younger Vito is perfect. It was clear that there were hints of Brando's portrayal in the character rather than him attempting to recreate it. My favourite De Niro scene was when he retutned to kill Don Ciccio.
+Both unique storylines set in Vito's past and the present day were executed very well and were engaing. The final scene at the dinner table portraying Michael to have always been the "black sheep" in the family was perfect.
+Set design in the film is spot on, making it feel exactly like the time period, (especially thr 1917 high street).
+I enjoyed the sense of ambiguity in the plot, for example with the metaphor of the Roman Empire and Frankie.
+Cinematography and lighting.
+Soundtrack is excellent just like part 1.
-Only slight criticism is there isn't really an explanation to what happened to Clemenza, but its not a major issue.

From first viewing i thought it wasnt quite as strong as the first film, but still loved it. Looking forward to the 3rd.

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