Pig ★★★★

Consistently subverts expectations from start to finish. I was genuinely surprised by the complete lack of violence. It was labeled as a thriller, but while there is tension, this is far from a traditional thriller. Pig is more concerned with Cage's character development than anything else. It explores what it means to live a fulfilling life based on your own desires rather than the expectations others have on you.

The characters really shine in this one. Obviously Cage is great, but I was impressed by Wolff, whose character also has a really satisfying arc. Their relationship is the highlight of the film, and the scene of them cooking together was really moving. The movie does occasionally feel like a debut at times (some of the handheld was... pretty shaky, and some scenes were really underlit), but it's still an extremely solid first film.

And that last conversation they have in the diner... love that scene.

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