Nobody ★★★

Wasn't expecting a masterpiece by any means but I kind of wished this was a little better, given that I love Bob Odenkirk. It's a good time, don't get me wrong, but the villains definitely fall under the stereotypical tough-guy-Russian-dude cliche that just isn't super compelling to watch. The film is hell-bent on establishing Odenkirk's character as a very non-masculine man at first, only for us to realize that he's actually a total badass who can kill 23546972934586293485 people in a short period of time with no problem. Definitely feels like a male fantasy kind of thing at times, but it's funny to watch it play out.

Anyways, I bought a projector recently and this was the first film I watched on it! I don't have one of those projector screens yet so I just projected it on my wall, and I wonder if that made the image a bit dimmer than it should have been. Also, there isn't really an ideal place to sit while watching it, so I was kind of in an uncomfortable position on the couch trying to get a good angle of the movie. Hope to set the projector up properly soon so I can watch in comfort.

Cool needle drops in this one.

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