My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★

Weekly Ghibli. This is a pure slice-of-life film. No real conflict or antagonist, but still one of the most enjoyable movie experiences recently. There is a child-like wonder in this film that is executed perfectly. It's a film that's targeted for kids but isn't only for kids.

Even with how enjoyable this film is, there are definitely some sad moments in the film. There's a throwaway line where the mom says that she can't wait to see ghosts after her children talk about how their house is possibly haunted. It's not particularly clear in the film, but it's implied that the mom has tuberculosis and the film is autobiographical. It makes me appreciate this film even more actually. The movie was released just a few years after his mother's death, and I can see how this film could be very cathartic for him.

I also liked that one scene where the two sisters were crawling on the floor trying to avoid touching the floor with their shoes. That is such a perfect representation of an average Asian household. Favorite Ghibli film in this marathon so far.

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