Luca ★★★½

Really simple and charming. Although I don't love the fish designs for the characters in the film, I do like the human designs and the art style in general when they are on land. Luca takes us back to earlier Pixar days when the plot was a bit more laidback and simple. No more extremely high concept stuff like Inside Out and Soul. This is merely about a kid who wants to win a really weird and specific relay competition to buy a Vespa motorcycle.

I love how charming the film is, but it's definitely held back by general Pixar film flaws. The villain is not particularly memorable, and it seems to follow a lot of "animated-film-logic" where nobody ever gets hurt more than a childrens' movie script allows them to. But I do genuinely love the friendship between Luca and Alberto though. However, I don't think the film does anything to really convince me that they are gay though (I feel like I really have to read into it), which was something I was really excited about when I first heard about it.

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