Double feature with All That Jazz.

Love the beginning of the film where he's banging on his car door and floating in air. In fact, this is probably the most engaged I've been in a Fellini film, along with La Strada. It has a really interesting approach on the story about a director making a movie, and my god, is this film gorgeous.

I do feel like there's something holding me back from liking this even more. Maybe this is just me, but I never felt Guido's anxieties or fears with regard to making another film, and I feel like he doesn't even spend that much time thinking about the film he has to make. I get that the fantasy elements are a representation of his coping mechanisms, but for a good chunk of the film, I kind of forgot he was approaching a deadline and still hadn't done shit for his film yet.

It honestly kind of upsets me that I don't like Fellini films more, but I definitely found 8 1/2 confusing on a first watch. I dig a lot of the scenes individually, like the first visit to the movie set, or the harem scene, but I'm still a bit unsure about how it fits into the film as a whole. I haven't read up much about this film yet as of writing this, but I've heard that the film works better on a re-watch as well, so who knows. Glad to have finally watched this classic though, it's been sitting in my watchlist for too long!

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