Sick ★★★½

Not much plot to this slasher film... it's a Covid film set in 2020 during the initial wave of lockdowns. Two friends shelter in place in a very ritzy house on a lake... only to have a black-clad killer show up and try to murder them.

I was skeptical about this flick at first... kind of blah characters with dull melodrama and dialog. The kind of stuff that makes me think, "You sure this is Kevin Williamson script?" But when the film finally kicks off with the slashers chasing our heroes around, it crept up to pretty good and hovered there for the rest of the movie.

At first, the COVID thing was just an excuse to get folk isolated on a lake. Pepper in some news reports and other (familiar) elements of that year and you have a background... but one that could have been swapped out for any excuse to get young folk isolated. But the movie does finally come together with a reasonably justification for reminding us of days we're all pretty sick of hearing about in movies.

The actual scares? Not too bad... some decent jumps and even a couple of gnarly deaths. It's a decently brutal film with a pretty good series of chases and escapes. I've seen better slasher film action but have also seen far, far worse.

This movie is pretty good within it's very familiar genre. Won't blow your socks off but if you like a good slasher film, it gets the job done.

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