Here it is! Found it. The classic terrible January horror movie, cleverly moved to the end of the month so as to lull us into a false sense of security. But, no... rounding the corner comes Mediocre Movie: The Movie. Just a generic "you've seen this one before" pile of pointless unscary scares.

So a group of friends gather to celebrate a birthday and to quarantine at a lodge in the mountains. But soon the lodge is preying on their individual fears, manifesting those fears as vaguely defined nonsense.

We've seen this "it knows what scares you" gimmick before in too many other movies. Why are we doing it again and pretending it's original? Is it just that they had access to a lodge and quickly cobbled together a script that strung together "cool" ideas for horror sequences?

Characters are thinly defined, just enough one trait people so we can insert these random, isolated "fear" sequences. I doubt it works on anyone, certainly didn't work on me. Then they hand-wave a cause that doesn't' really matter and then end the film randomly.

An ending that made me think... oh, I get it. You hated the lockdowns and decided to make a point about it. Thanks. Kevin Williamson did it better just a couple weeks ago. Next.

No passion, no creativity, no appreciable talent at scaring the audience. Don't bother... if you've even heard of this one... just watch anything else.

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