Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★★½

Speak No Evil is an exercise is uncomfortableness. Two families meet up at one of their homes for a weekend of unwinding. But things start to get slowly awkward as one of the families start acting strangely. The film really mounts up the tension in a wonderful way. You can feel the tension oozing from the screen. All the time you’re just willing for the family to leave, and at one point, they do. The film handles this quite well as the reason they turn back to the house, is that the little girl has left her stuffed toy. This, I can relate to. I have a 7 year old that’s had the same Peter Rabbit stuffed toy from birth. I’d take myself back into an awkward situation if she left hers, as she would be absolutely devastated.

Though later on in the film, especially after an excruciating to watch scene of the dad berating his son over and over again about a dance routine, you do wonder why they don’t just leave again. But it’s never film ruining for me. The last few moments of this film become utterly devastating. It’s brutal and affecting, giving me similar feelings I got from Aranofski’s mother! I feel there are religious, undertones being explored here, especially with the way the parents are stripped and stoned to death in an old quarry. I can see people hating this, but it hit me in a big way. I really loved it.

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