Scream ★★★★★

A perfectly crafted horror film, the final act alone is worth the price of admission. I'd say one of the best openings to any horror film as well easily. Shades of Black Christmas and When A Stranger Calls with a fantastic Suspiria nod at the end. I'd say the reveal of the killers is pretty obvious in the first movie is one of the only detractors, I mean theres literal scenes that pretty much all but tell you not so subtly. At least in hindsight, on first watch most of this scenes could be chalked up to red herring stuff. Which unfortunately is another of the only flaws, all the red herring stuff takes away from the really good character work on display here. Especially with Dewey where he's at his best here but the movie wants us to think he's the kiler when he's clearly not. Also poor Randy, he gets blamed for so much throughout this movie. Blamed by Sidney for the first phone call and Tatum literally thought Randy is the one who was about to kill her.
Still easily one of my favorite movies horror or otherwise, definitely top 5. You can tell Wes put a lot of effort into making sure each scene flowed really well and put details into who the killers were and how you can tell who was killing who.

Speaking of which, since it's never explicitly said, there's just context clues here's who I think killed each person:

1. Casey and Steve- one of the only group efforts in the series, Stu killed Steve while Billy talked to Casey. I do believe Billy is the one to finally end Casey though.
2. Billy is the one who calls Sidney first of course, the "scary movie" line is a dead giveaway because Billy is the only one besides Randy to like horror movies a lot. Randy is obviously not the killer same as Dewey. Stu of course is the one who chases Sidney, he probably stayed in her closet for at least an hour or two waiting for her to awake from her nap. Which is definitely commitment, obviously when Sidney hears a creak in the house thats him entering. Also the infamous sound blurb of "easy easy" you can hear Ghostface say as he's chasing her. Plus the way they hold the blade is important, Stu holds it with both hands in a more dramatic fashion while Billy is more one handed killer. Thats one way to tell who's who. Also Billy likes to strangle before he stabs and Stu likes to slice and dice.
3. The bathroom chase is probably a prankster, the jeans and shoes tell me that plus the fact the "Ghostface" isn't holding a knife. Because its a massive plot hole if not.
4. Principal Himbry is Billy, because Stu was outside of the school at the time and they needed a distraction for everybody to leave Stus house because realistically they wouldn't be able to kill everybody at that party.
5. The Ghostface who follows Tatum and Sydney at the grocery store and Sydney house to me is another prankster, because it seems odd that he'd follow them in broad daylight. I mean it could be Billy but I don't know.
6. Tatum in my opinion is Billy. I don't think Stu even had the idea to kill her until Randy mentioned the "bullshit reasons" at the video store. Plus that would explain why he arrives late to the proceedings. Also rip Tatum, definitely one of the only characters I kind of wish lived to the end in the franchise (more on that later)
7. Stu slits Kenny's throat of course. Speaking of which Kenny is a damn hero, he literally lost his life to go in and save Randy, and he pointed out the way to escape from Ghostface to Sidney. God bless you Kenny.
8. Dewey is stabbed by Billy, the way Ghostface wipes the blood with his hand is the indication, also the way he strangles Sidney and toys with Sidney like holding the keys in a cartoonish way.
That should be it.
Also the only time where Skeet or Matthew wear the costume is when Ghostface is standing behind Randy watching Halloween. Which is Skeet fun fact.

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