Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★★★

man I really the work Jeff Baenas doing, I'm see everything he has done so far and loved it. Horse Girl was great in my opinion, I don't think every one feels that way about it but I certainly do. It starts out as rather sweet, like a quirky little comedy and then turns into a bizarre drama very quickly. To me it works the tonal shift and I like how some of it is left up to interpretation, some of these films just tell you everything by the end and that's no fun. It feels "weird for the sake of being weird" at times but never to the point where it lost me. I really liked Allison Brie in this, I think she's awesome and really gives it her all here. Molly Shannon is wonderful as well, I'm enjoying this subgenre of films like this, Welcome to Me, Ingrid Goes West we've been getting lately it's great. Now I'm not an expert on mental illness and I'm not going to pretend to be, I've seen my fair share over the years of course from family and friends. But I can't say this is offensive or inaccurate or 100% accurate I don't know. I just see it as a good film that really got to me. My favorite of 2020 so far but that'll certainly change. It is only Feburary after all. I do recommend going in completely blind and letting the film speak for itself like I did, just like Thoroughbreds from a few years ago I had no idea what I was getting into and that absolutely benefited my enjoyment. Funny how two movies about horse girls did that huh?

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