Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

I watched this right after watching The VVitch, and boy was this a breath of fresh air. I haven't watched a movie that went by as quickly as this one in a long time. Fantastic Mr. Fox has been on my watchlist for a long time and it did not disappoint at all.

The story is wonderfully simple, and the narrative which is essentially and blatantly about storytelling itself, and the themes of identity and life were all handled very well in this very well thought out story that had me zoned in and experiencing the movie with the characters in a way I think only this movie can do.

The characters were all very unique and memorable and wonderfully crafted in their independent simplicity. All of the cast did an amazing job with each of their respective characters and they were all cast very well in general.

Animation, In short, I loved it. The colors are beautiful and used very well for a lot of things, the orange, yellow, and red color scheme used throughout the movie were wonderful to watch. Character animation was great, the fur stood out a lot. And all the movements meant something which is what's so stunning about stop motion. The energy in this movie was oddly calming and in a way muffled, which I can definitely say worked for the aesthetic of this movie, not to say it wasn't exciting because it was, and the action had me watching intently.

Wes Anderson knew what he was doing with this movie and everyone else who was involved made this a near-perfect movie. Go watch this movie, recently added to Disney+ so it's easier than ever, go watch it.

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