Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★★½

Part of Scavenger Hunt #20

25# A movie mentioned in DeStorm’s “Rapping Movie Titles”

I can't say I was immediately taken by this film. The first hour is a bit tedious in setting up the premise, mostly because you must educate the viewers of '98 about surveillance technology and what that will mean for your freedom. Living in the time period that this film is so set on stopping is a little bit depressing. Scott was trying to warn us, but as well all know there was no saving us from this fate.

After the set up though the movie really gets moving. The film finally starts to feel like a Scott film, the pace, the characters, the editing. Will Smith is always a pleasure and it is nice to see Hackman, I haven't seen him in much lately. It is almost a run-in-the-mill action film but with the just right amount of flare.

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