Logan ★★★★★

I have so many feelings about what I just watched. The whole movie plot was sad to me and I felt melancholy even at the start of the film. It was sad to see the last of the Xmen going through such struggle. Beautifully crafted and perfectly realized.
On a lighter note I am so happy that Laura is a kickass young heroine. My dad only had my sister and I, so we would go watch all the Marvel movies with him. I have seen all the Xmen movies with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in theaters. This movie just brought back a lot of feels about being younger and when i would watch them with my dad. Such a great tribute to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. There is a great classic Western movie reference that is absolutely stunning. The men in my family love Westerns. I was deeply moved by this film. This isn't just a good XMen film. This is a great film period.