Bros ★★

Where do I begin?

I’m glad that this movie exists. I know it will be important for some people and perhaps even informative for many a straight / young audience.

There was a small handful of genuine laugh out loud moments—namely the Zellweger app (I felt so seen) and the Yentl joke—but when your romantic comedy doesn’t have many laughs, that’s not great! The whole thing seems like it’s catered to a straight audience and comes off like a college lecture for nearly the entire first half. It’s kind of a slog to get through since it feels like you’re being yelled at for 45 straight minutes. Not fun.

It’s also so incredibly uncinematic that it’s closer to a sitcom than it is a film. Bad sound mixing and uninspired, predictable editing makes this pretty unpleasant to watch from a film standpoint. Also, it’s such lazy writing to make your protagonist a podcast host just so he can introduce the film with an exposition-laden set up… and then never again address him having a podcast for the rest of the film. How convenient that was for that moment! A big yuck to that.

All that said, I’m still glad I watched this and despite it not being for me, I’m glad it exists. I’m still not entirely sure who the audience is for this movie, but I’ve heard nothing but positive things from my straight friends so I guess it must be them!

Also: minus points for making fun of The Power of the Dog and Brokeback Mountain. If you had made a film that good, then I’d say go ahead, tear ‘em to shreds. But you didn’t. Try again next time!

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