The Master

The Master ★★★★★

One of the most romantic films ever put to celluloid. Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master is a timeless classic, and hopefully, this will be recognized by all in years to come. The relationship between Freddie Quell and Lancaster Dodd is so intimate, even Dodd's Cause followers have a hard time understanding it. But through Freddie's eyes, we the audience can sit right there in his mind and have a full grasp on what this film is all about; the object of Freddie's desire. If you choose to watch it with that lens that is. Joaquin Phoenix delievers what I think is the best performance of his career here, completely immersing himself in the character; rivaling the performance of another PTA favorite, Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood. Philip Seymour Hoffman (God Rest His Soul) also gives an incredible performance as Lancaster, both charasmatic and frightening. And the lesser talked about Amy Adams, is essential to this film. Her character is vital to how Lancaster and Freddie interact, as she pulls the strings of The Cause and Lancaster respectively. People like to jump to the conclusion that The Master is a statement against Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard's teachings, and it may be that a little bit. But if you put all that to the side, you might see this is more a love story than anything else. Two people who are deeply connected in some way, who maybe shouldn't have met, but their meeting will change their lives forever. Whether they know it or not. Paul Thomas Anderson has already proved himself to be a legendary auteur, and The Master is further proof of this. His stories are so unique that it may be hard for some to fully appreciate them at first glance; but his collective work is astonishing. And The Master comes very close to being his masterpiece.

-Also, can't talk about The Master without mentioning the beyond gorgeous cinematography. The best looking of all of Paul Thomas Anderson's films if you ask me.-

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