Spencer ★★★★★

It’s just one of those remarkable occasions in which the entire team and crew are entirely in sync. Everyone working on this film understood the films complex characterisation of Diana, and that’s simply why it works so well.

Shot sizes represent freedom and lack there of.
Greenwood’s score (one of the best in many years, a serious work of genius) conveys a free spirit trapped in tradition through blending freeform jazz with rigid period piece classical chamber music.
The performance, whispered words, as if anyone can hear at any time.
The costumes, a bold red stands out in a sea of dull earth tones.
Sound design, loud silences and tickings of clocks indicating an uncomfortably large, and quiet house, while emphasising the stressful idea of time. ‘Just 3 days’.

And another point I wish to make, this is how biopics should be approached. The biopic is not a stylistic genre, so rather than be void of style, inject it with alternate genres, horror in this specific example. Without that intrigue, stress or tension crafted by genre imagery, you have a dull biography and no reason to translate it to the screen.

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