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This review may contain spoilers.

I see where the love is coming from, and I’m so glad it’s getting it. Honestly either Kaluuya of Stanfield could win supporting and I’d be equally happy, although I do feel like it’ll go to Kaluuya.

It’s a film that knows how to balance the thrill and excitement of cinema with sheer power and emotion. It’s completely watchable and loveable but never shies away from the real grit of the story. You can tell there’s a lot of respect for the events. It nails so much, a tender relationship between Kaluuya and Fishback, a tense undercover plot and a hard hitting ‘based on true events’ story. 

Of course as the title suggests, there’s quite a lot of biblical imagery and comparisons, and sometimes that can be a switch off point of some people due to how often it’s done, but it’s executed brilliantly here, and aids the narrative fantastically. 

It’s a marvellous film, shining a spotlight on an aspect of Civil Rights history that isn’t usually talked about a huge amount. I also really appreciate how it didn’t end by solving everything (unlike a certain 2019 best picture winner), the ending was slightly haunting and stuck with me, yet the epilogue text was still somewhat satisfying (in some parts). I hope this takes home the awards it deserves.

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