Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump ★★★★★

Forrest gump is one of the most beautiful movies to ever be created. There is no wonder why it has won 6 awards, only a few months after being released. This movie is really like a box of chocolates, you never really know what your gonna get. It is packed with a powerful message which can lift up your spirits. The actors teach us a great lesson which tells us not to give up in tough times and find our inner strength which can develop into great things and the message of caring for your loved ones no matter what and understanding their feelings. Tom Hanks leads this movie and portrays its message in such an inspiring way. The idea of making a film which shows the life of a struggling man who faces challenges but at the same time achieves success on several occasions is just incredible. The fact that he got attention he never strived to accomplish from others is amazing.

This movie makes you laugh, cry, rejoice, angry and every other possible feeling. This is not a movie which gives the viewer a certain emotion. After watching the movie, you will feel like a person who has experienced every type of emotion within the last forty five minutes.

The movie keeps the viewers attention and makes them wonder what would happen next. This, along with its intertwined message,  can teach a person a LOT of things about humans by showing the life of one. It shows how everyone is made equal and everyone is talented in some way or the other, and how friendship is a bond which can be formed between anyone. It shows how thinking like a idiot could show you a unique path in life as well.