Fight Club

Fight Club ★★½

This movie featuring Brad Pitt is a fast paced, eccentric thriller. It is about a psychotic insomniac who can find no peace. His life feels like a broken record, until he meets Tyler, a salesman who lives his life to the fullest. The next day the protagonist finds his apartment burnt to a crisp. He ends up calling Tyler, who lets him stay at his. They unintentionally end up starting a fight club. The first rule is to NEVER talk about fight club. Laced into the main storyline is the narrative of the main female character, Marla Singer, and her confusing and twisted friendship with the main protagonist. The screenplay is a bit shaky and slow at the beginning but it soon becomes fluid and hides the big reveal which is seamless throughout the movie but the pieces fall into the right places eventually. This story is about freedom... and the lack of.