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I know that I am very late with this review but I’ve been thinking about Michael Sarnoski’s directional debut Pig for a few weeks now. Pig takes a very simple premise and expands more and more on it to the point where it completely turns into something you weren’t expecting at all. Going into this movie I only knew the simple premise which was the plot which basically said “Nicolas Cage’s pig got stolen now he tries to find who stole it” as I said before the film is much more than that. For starters Nicolas Cage and Alex Wolff are both quite fantastic this is easily one of Cage’s best roles in his career, the chemistry between the two is very raw plus their characters feel like real people. Speaking of which if there’s one word to describe Pig it’s the word raw, there’s so much sense of realness to the film of two men talking to each other and going through their own problems that the audience learns about as the film goes on. When you give Nicolas Cage a great script he can turn that into one of the best performances of the year. There is so much to talk about his character Rob and his journey throughout the film as well as the other characters he meets, the stories they share, the interaction between them and his conversations with Amir (Alex Wolff). The pacing is absolutely perfect in every single way possible, as I said earlier the plot of the movie expands as it goes on and starts becoming something quite different. The final act is sad yet quite wholesome as well, it was truly a beautiful way to wrap the story and show the paths the characters take, what they learned throughout the journey and show how they felt about the journey, the writing is seriously some of the best I’ve heard so far this year, it truly is something special that you don’t see or hear every day, it’s the type of writing that gets you to feel what the characters are thinking and how they feel as well. Pig is the type of movie that you should absolutely go in knowing as little as possible, it makes the experience all the more powerful. Watch this one when you can!

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10/10 A+

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