Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★

Out of all the directors out there right now why the hell did they pick Gary Ross? His last two films (The Hunger Games and Free State Of Jones) were both terrible and felt they had no style to them. While Ocean’s 8 is definitely not a terrible movie it feels painfully average, I did think the cast (for the most part) did a decent job. The writing I thought was very mixed, it offered some interesting ideas however I really think the movie held back mostly because of how much it was trying to play safe. My biggest problem with this movie is how it really doesn’t have anything special going for it, it doesn’t have anything (besides the all female cast thing) to distinguish itself from other action movies. As I said at the beginning with Gary Ross not having any style in the two films I mentioned, the same can be said here. The movie looked the best when the action scenes occurred which is probably the best thing about this movie. Overall it may sound like I hated Ocean’s 8 but I don’t, for the most part it was enjoyable it just has some major flaws that hold it back from it being anything better then enjoyable.

6/10 C+

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