Nocturne ★★★

Nocturne is the third film of the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” film series, Nocturne is what happens if you took Suspiria, Whiplash and The Perfection and mixed them into one. Sydney Sweeney is very solid in her role and gave everything she could with a script that didn’t have much at all. The filming I thought was pretty well done as well, there are some extremely beautiful shots in the film that are very memorable. Unfortunately that’s where the praise for Nocturne ends because a lot of it is just a weaker version Suspiria, Whiplash and The Perfection. All three of those films did what this movie did so much better in every single way possible, but that doesn’t make this movie bad by any means. It’s actually decently directed and has some strong moments when it comes to the script. But as I said before there is not a whole lot to work with the writing. I definitely think Nocturne is a serviceable movie that gets the job done but it’s not something that you will look back on in a few years.

6/10 C+

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