First Cow

First Cow ★★★★★

First Cow is truly something special, Kelly Reichardt truly made a film that is extremely powerful and that says a lot while doing the smallest things. They say a piece of art can say a lot while doing the smallest things, I feel that First Cow truly does that. John Magaro and Orion Lee both hit it out of the park, both of them give raw performances combined with incredible writing truly makes them some of the best performances of the year. Just the discussions the both of them have with each other is fascinating to watch, it feels very grounded and it sticks with you as well. The friendship element I absolutely loved, the direction from Kelly Reichardt is very very special she shows how realistic she wants this movie to be. She shows that showing the simplest things such as two characters having a simple discussion can be one of the strongest elements In a film, the music and the filming both are incredible. They both match the setting extremely well and give the viewer a feel of where it’s taking place, the movie tackles the problems with capitalism which I thought the movie did it in a way that was quite clever. It’s truly remarkable how much effort and passion was put into this movie, as far as best directors so far this year I really got to say but I feel like that goes to Kelly Reichardt! Overall First Cow is a masterpiece it’s the best film of the year, I highly recommend checking it out when you can!!!

10/10 A+

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