Carol ★★★★★

We had to fucking celebrate! Got some really great job news today and wanted to watch something to capitalize on that feeling so I had to turn to my favorite film. Interestingly I think this is the first time I’ve gone to watch Carol already happy. I usually turn to this movie when I’m hurting and sad in need of comfort. 

Coming to it from a place of contentment was different and lovely. I felt a lot of joy, excitement, and validation. And I thought about how as perfect and essential as the romance here is, this is really Therese’s story. And even if they hadn’t had gotten back together at the end, even if Carol never wrote or confessed her love, Therese would have been okay. Like Carol says later, she comes into own here remarkably. She finds herself, friends, a career, and confidence. And I’m on my way there too, which is really nice.

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