The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

If you have followed me over the last year or so, you have probably seen my increasingly fatigued musings on anything Marvel – and perhaps even the modern blockbuster. In many ways, I favor originality and not the recycling of archetypes, mixed and molded in as many capitalistic and artless ways as possible only to further tighten the grip on the modern movie-going experience.

Lo and behold: Robert Eggers. In a mysterious turn of events, the madman has managed to con his way into ninety million dollars or so, and with them brought to life an original stylistic vision that no one else could make. Sadly, the story to which this vision is attached is somewhat empty, pretty lifeless, and – even in genre terms – quite stale.

That said, there is much to enjoy. It’s immersive worldbuilding at its finest, full of visual flair and impressive style, and there’s this cultural confidence seeping through every scene and every vista. But after leaving the cinema, I felt surprisingly empty – as if the ax with which Eggers wanted to strike me was completely dull.

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