Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa ★★★½

If I had one wish, I probably wouldn’t wish world peace or to end global starvation or to prevent the imminent environmental apocalypse. No, I’d use my wish to fooking talk like bad-ass Bob Hoskins.

It completely went over my head that Neil Jordan directed this, but honestly, it is the Bob Hoskins Show. Working as a chauffeur for a high-class lady of the night, Hoskins’ George begins taking an interest in her. First, a moral interest. Why would she choose that line of work? Soon, though, his interest makes its way from his head to his heart, and he begins taking a liking to her.

As we know from all crime thrillers, that sort of affection is dangerous, and quite expectedly, hell starts to break loose. In a way, you think you know where this is going with Bob Hoskins acting as a mirror to Joaquin Phoenix in You Were Never Really Here, but Jordan doesn’t shy away from violence. Especially not in the climax. Here, Cathy Tyson’s Simone is allowed to shine – even more than she’d done before. Though Michael Caine’s villain role may be one of the best things about Mona Lisa – only outshined by Hoskins and that brilliant ending.

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