Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★★


With Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan marches in a new era of long-narrative horror—a series so humanely devoted to its story, its characters, its themes that you barely notice just how well the mystery is being established right until you witness it all come together. You've been tricked to church by mainstream-horror Messiah Mike Flanagan; strapped to the seat by Hamish Linklater’s spellbindingly charismatic Father Paul; and had your heart shattered by the solemn-but-sweet Zach Gilford and the incomparable Kate Siegel. In fact, the human drama here is so incredibly mature and well-orchestrated, full of subtleties and nuances, that the people who watched Hill House for the “scares” will be left sorely disappointed. Because Midnight Mass is not scary. It’s very different. It’s fucking terrifying.

(Also, Samantha Sloyan’s Beverly Keane will be the most-hated character since Dolores Umbridge!)

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