Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Equal parts homage and originality, Rian Johnson’s immaculately conceived Knives Out manipulatively clues you in, revelation by revelation, as these murder-mysteries tend to do. Coming off leading a massive franchise film, the writer-director converts his vast vision from The Last Jedi into a much smaller setting, yet the details are even more fastidious here.

Craig, as the American-Poirot, draws perfectly upon his James Bond charm without going nowhere near that character. A stellar Southern dialect and several superb monologues help the actualization of Benoit Blanc, private detective. Giving him a run for his money, the up-and-coming Ana de Armas supplies a great performance that actually feels real besides this familial motley crew of characters. There is a breakdown-scene, supported technically very well by Johnson, where she gets to shine – a shine which she owns.

It is truly impressive how Johnson is able to take a well-trotted genre such as the murder-mystery and then meticulously create an engaging mystery that, honestly, leaves you spellbound and awestruck. He lures you in, making you think you got it and then time and time again, the game master has another trick up his sleeve.

Knives Out is the film I would recommend to everyone – literally everyone. From my grandparents to my younger sisters. This enigmatic story will not change your life, but it will definitely satisfy you and everyone else for an evening.

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