Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★

While the first two installments in the Fear Street Trilogy weren’t masterpieces in their own right, Netflix has successfully managed to build a sense of anticipation in me over the past three weeks by branding these charming YA horror flicks as a major three-part event ON STREAMING.

What’s more enticing is the fact that 1666 actually is, well, quite alright. I can only commend the creators for deciding to end with the least accessible horror subgenre of the three: religious folk horror. In a way, it was very fitting seeing the culmination of these no-so-well-told smaller threads that have been explored throughout the movies being brought back and addressed within this genre framework.

The film series as a whole might not be one I’ll return to later in life, but it is one I am glad I saw in its three-week run, and honestly, I was struck with some sense of excitement from the fact that these creators wanted to tell a grander, more ambitious horror story in the way they did.

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