Encanto ★★★½

You know what? Encanto has me quite surprised. Seeing the trailer, I was certain that this vibrant movie would be about a ‘talentless’ young woman venturing out into the world to self-actualize – as many movies like this before it.

Yet as the runtime rolled on, we kept staying almost exclusively in the family’s magic house. And sure, to some, the plot may be paper-thin and the characters may no be as deeply explored as one could hope, but to me, it was a pleasant surprise that a Disney movie took its time with an introspective journey instead of a literal one - even if they sacrifice some grandiose emotional impact.

The stakes are low in the grand scheme of things, but they mean the world to the characters, and that is as, if not more, important. The numbers are great – full of that witty lyricism Lin-Manuel Miranda is known for, and since I’m a sucker for some rhyme-slinging songs, oh boy is this a treat.

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