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  • Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
  • Miller's Crossing
  • Lost Highway
  • Sorcerer

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  • The Keep

  • The Golem

  • The Keep

  • Fire and Ice

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  • One Ranger

    One Ranger

    John Malkovich: "Are you going to speak like that for the whole movie?"

    Thomas Jane: "Yawp, I reckon so."

    John Malkovich: "Hold my beer."

    Cowboy hat in London.
    Gun fights.
    Hammer fight.
    This was just fine.

  • How to Blow Up a Pipeline

    How to Blow Up a Pipeline

    Proper movie crews need a Waingro

Popular reviews

  • White Sands

    White Sands

    Very happy for the opportunity to revisit this one for an appearance on The Projection Booth podcast. What does stand out again is the cast. Holy cow is it stacked. Always somebody interesting to watch and appreciate especially 30 years on as both Willem DaFoe and Samuel L. Jackson have built tremendous careers.

    It's a high-desert daylight noir that twists about perhaps too much for its own good. Curious to know how writer Daniel Pyne might have directed the material…

  • Stone Cold

    Stone Cold

    Joe Huff, a hot shot loner cop with a bad haircut and a worse attitude goes recklessly undercover into the ultra violent Mississippi outlaw biker gang "The Brotherhood" who deal drugs and murder politicians. Huff suffers the indignity of a square, federal partner and speeches about procedure with the patience of a bullet and the retention of a sieve, but hell if he doesn't get results. I was hyper aware of this picture when it came out - the action…