Malignant ★½

Wooden, pointless, and ugly. I'm done letting people try to convince me that James Wan is any more significant than a straight-to-DVD filmmaker. Seriously, what difference is there between Malignant and a bevy of low-effort horror titles you can find on Amazon Prime? The horrid CG is overused in lieu of actual filmmaking. The impatient pacing diffuses any mere notion of dread. The acting and writing are so out of sync and carelessly lacking vision. Every scene looks like it was filmed with green screen for some reason. Wan overuses slow zooms about as much as he overuses cliche story beats. Hiding below the surface, there's a compelling narrative regarding close familial loss, the notion of losing part of oneself physically and mentally, but Wan clearly doesn't give a fuck enough to explore it. And why is the main theme an orchestral remix of "Where is My Mind??" Malignant is a mindless waste of time. But at least the action is entertaining.

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