Halloween ★★★★★

Fate personified. "Fate never changes." Halloween is suburban American giallo, silly and surreal, like a dream incarnate. Halloween loves horror so much it overcomes its own ridiculousness. Peeping Tom, Black Christmas, Texas Chain Saw all bleed into a singular shape, determined to stalk and overcome, by any means necessary. It's all it can do. "Must you refer to him as an 'it?'"

Blues and yellows clash with ephemeral dread. Deep focus shots instill dread with encompassing isolation. Evil is indifference. "What's the boogeyman?" These girls' greatest fears are missing phone calls from their boy toys. Halloween is wonderfully horny, hornier than a strip club, decidedly dedicated to sinful pleasure, as though natural experiences were the leading cause of horrific, menacing death. A horn calls out for help, as the woman inside struggles for breath, to no avail, dying a lonely death.

Dreamy, nightmarish cinema, like an ode to silent horror films. The knife coldly penetrates, without pleasure, without remorse. Breathless squeals sound like yelps of sexual ecstasy. This is the movie you turn on at Halloween parties. Blues and yellows, like night and day, cold and warmth. Radioactive cinema.

A young woman's shrieks for help are ignorantly dismissed, in an intergenerational sign of terrific disassociation. Evil permeates throughout the air, like a formless shape. Third times the charm, right? "You can't kill the boogeyman." Decades of sequels and imitators have only proven the sentiment increasingly true.

Day 31: Film 63
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