Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

Imaginary Hitler: and now she’s got two knives!
Jojo: I know!
Imaginary Hitler: how you gonna chop up stuff?

This is a story about tying shoes. And as such, it is far and away the best shoe tying film I’ve ever seen!
When shoes aren’t being tied we learn of many other cool things as well! Take Jojo Rabbit for instance. Ten year old Jojo who because of almost blowing himself up at Hitler camp, has to stay home or else do odd jobs for his camp director played by Sam Rockwell. One day Jojo discovers that a little female Jewish Jesse Owens Jack the Ripper girl is living behind his dead sisters bedroom wall!
Jiminy Cricket!!!
Straightaway, Jojo, and his unlaced shoes, forms a bond of many sorts with the Jew beast. First he fears for his life around her. Second he is intrigued by her and her Jew status and wants to interview her for a book he is writing! Thirdly he starts to see her as something innocuous and beautiful and not at all, Bat-like and blood-sucking! She is sweet and lovely, he muses. Far from a cave dwelling troglodyte that screws dogs and has horns and suchlike!
Lastly, the lad known as Jojo gets butterflies in the pit of his stomach for his boon companion ( he and fake Nathan ).
Earlier his mother, played perfectly by Scarlett Johansson, tells him that love is akin to getting butterflies in the pit of one’s stomach. Since he has already incurred said butterflies he’s now convinced that he’s experiencing love for the first time. And it’s all so very exciting!

When the Jew girl and the Rabbit boy and the Rabbit boy’s endearing mom ( who chews grapes beautifully if not incessantly ) aren’t walking around tying each other’s shoes, a Promethean tale laced to spill levels with tenderness, butterflies, comedy, pedagogical moments, cuteness, radiant cinematography  and an imaginary Hitler, abounds delightfully so at the imaginative and adroit hands of that wacky vampire we all adore, a man by the name of Taika Waititi!

Truly this film about shoes and the people who tie them is a quotable masterpiece of poignant perfection! 

“Concentrate Jojo, remember, a Jew living in your wall is better than two Jews flying around with their bat wings climbing down chimneys and eating innocent Nazis!”
~Imaginary Hitler

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