Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★½

Nice! I saw this in the theatre a lifetime ago when I was but a young Jedi. And I loved it as best as I can remember. As a kid I was all things; make up effects. I had my own kit...watched and loved every horror film from in and around that time. And I had a huge stack of Fangoria magazines that I consumed nightly!
Let’s be honest, the big star in this movie is the gore and the creature faces with all those rows of teeth and contact lenses.
That said, Bruce Campbell’s malleable face and the way he emotes is awesome! He wears, with ease, upon his handsome leading man mug all the great emotions of shock and apprehension to go along with trepidation and befuddlement. Those eyes of his get like headlights and his smile could light up a drive-in movie theatre! Bruce is wonderful!

This movie held up well and I had a blast watching it!

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