Old ★★★★½

"We'll be fine"

Saturday night was the first time I've been inside a movie theatre for a new release since watching Tenet in September. It was the most perfectly real theatre-going experience possible; people complaining about the film's performances and dialogue outside the theatre, a group of teenagers right behind me whispering and giggling sparingly throughout the film, a special welcome back video from M. Night Shyamalan before the film played, paying way too much someone should pay for popcorn, and me feeling right at home. This kind of felt like a warm welcome back to a place where I will spend too much time and money in the foreseeable future of my life.

Old blew me away in multiple ways. While only my 5th film from him, it felt like Shyamalan at his most Shyamalan. Old is a technical masterwork. The camerawork is ridiculously diabolical, and it works so well. Shyamalan and cinematographer Mike Gioulakis were able to capture the shifts from an incredibly uncomfortable atmosphere, to repulsive body horror, and to the beautiful, compassionate moments in one's lifetime. From establishing shots of the environment, to crash and dolly zooms onto the actors faces/backs of heads, to some of the most tense and scary usage of off-screen space I've seen in a film; the camera never slows down and lets you recover. Capturing an entire lifetime of emotions and growth in a film less than 2 hours long is no easy feat, but M. Night Shyamalan knocked it out of the park. If the ending didn't feel choppy (it still works, and might work better upon rewatch), I would consider this a masterpiece.

This movie kinda made me feel everything possible, (the best kind of movies). Despite what weirdos on the bird app say, Shyamalan is one of the most compassionate, and heartfelt filmmakers working today. Clinging to the ones you're closest to in the face of danger forces to realize that life's most precious relationships are what's most important, and any obstacle can be overcame together. Life's final destination will always be death, one way or another. The more you fear it, the less time you have enjoying life's wonders and relationships. Tears filled my eyes while a group of teenagers giggled at the same scene. I loved being back at the movies

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