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  • The Female Animal
  • Female Trouble

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  • Blonde



    The funniest two and three-quarters hours of pro-life propaganda you’ll ever see. At the point where Marilyn, after having attended the smash premiere of Gentleman Prefer Blonds, stumbles into her glamorous five-star hotel room and thinks to herself, “For all this, I killed my baby?” I was like, “Yeah, you did, gurl!” and immediately flashed on Concetta in Female Trouble (played by the Oscar-snub-of-the-century Cookie Mueller) announcing, “I’m glad I had an abortion!”

    Seriously, though, what a glorious trainwreck of…

  • What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?

    What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?


    A hagsploitation film starring Geraldine Page and Ruth Gordon that I didn’t even know existed!? This was like finding a hundred dollar bill in the pocket of an old coat! I don’t know what good deed I did, but clearly the universe wanted to give me a big kiss when this treasure showed up on the Movies! channel yesterday afternoon. 

    It’s probably a good thing that it isn’t available on any streaming service because if I had access to it…

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  • All of Us Strangers

    All of Us Strangers


    I’m pulling a Miyazaki and coming out of semi-retirement to capture a few thoughts about this great film. I’ll drop a minor disclaimer first: as a fellow Gen X-er, Haigh has calibrated all the dials to be perfectly attuned to my own gay wavelength, so results may vary for other demographic flavors of queer. Having said that, I think he’s given us what may be the ne plus ultra meditation on the trope of gay loneliness. 

    Although it might be…

  • Saint-Narcisse



    I have to admit that Bruce LaBruce’s films since his early punk-provocateur period have all struck me as anemic and disappointing in comparison, much like John Waters’ films after Divine’s death never really managed to scratch that particular itch he gave me (what’s the opposite of an allergic reaction?) for camp nihilism. I find his recent work has a kind of tonal ambivalence, or maybe inscrutability, that reminds me a little of Francois Ozon’s quasi-semi-demi-camp irony. It might just be…

Popular reviews

  • The Sandpiper

    The Sandpiper


    An utterly gripping installment of the long-running, hugely popular Liz and Dick soap opera, barely disguised as an actual movie.

    At this point, Liz had earned her reputation as a dirty home wrecker twice over. First, she busted up little apple-cheeked Debbie Reynolds’ marriage to Eddie Fisher. For that infraction, MGM forced her to play the role of a prostitute — albeit a strong-willed and sympathetic one — in Butterfield 8. Then, not even two years later, while filming Cleopatra

  • The Night Porter

    The Night Porter


    Breezy, charming romantic comedy in the vein of Maid in Manhattan and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Bridget Jones fans, this is totally the movie for you! 

    Dirk Bogarde is super snacky in the role of a sensitive, misunderstood guy with a dark past, and Charlotte Rampling is a breath of fresh air as his manic pixie dream girl. Their meet-cute at camp is totes adorbs, and although circumstances intervene to keep the star-crossed lovers apart, they of course manage to beat the odds and live happily ever after.