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  • It Should Happen to You

    It Should Happen to You


    The always charming Judy Holliday stars as Gladys Glover in this tale of America’s first Instagram-famous celebrity. Originally titled A Name for Herself, the film recounts the story of an average woman who, not content to remain just another face in the crowd, spends her life savings to lease a billboard in Columbus Circle and soon becomes famous for being famous. Exactly 30 years after the film’s release, Angelyne would find success in the real world by following the exact…

  • The Hole

    The Hole


    If the word “moist” were a movie. 

    The longest, most unpleasant ASMR video imaginable. 

    Tsai-Ming Liang is a filmmaker the way Paul McCarthy or Matthew Barney or Gordon Matta-Clark are filmmakers. He’s really a site-specific performance/installation artist who happens to record his works. 

    A lower-budget dry-run for Liang’s 2005 provocation, The Wayward Cloud. This somehow manages to feel just as obscene without any of the later film’s explicit pornography or necrophilia.

    I literally have nightmares exactly…

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  • The Familiar

    The Familiar


    Frameline 45 Dark Twisted Fantasies program
    Short #9

    This one really put me in the mind of an early Eighties music video — like New Order’s True Faith or Art of Noise’s Close. It’s got that slick, postmodern visual sensibility, the 1984-inflected vision of a dystopian/post-apocalyptic world (I’m referring to the Apple ad more than the book), and, most charmingly, that David Bowie-in-The Man Who Fell to Earth/Scary Monsters crypto-queer wistfulness and mopey romanticism. Unlike this program’s La Belle et La Bête, this an outsider fairy-tale that’s suitable for the entire family. It may be a little tamer thematically, but it’s got visual inventiveness and imagination to spare.

  • The Dark, Krystle

    The Dark, Krystle


    Frameline 45 Dark Twisted Fantasies program 
    Short #8

    Oh, how I adore video appropriation art. It’s absolutely one of my favoritest things in the whole wide world, so when I saw the description for this entry — a queer re-editing of the Krystle/Alexis rivalry — I was already so far in the tank for it that nothing was gonna get me out, no matter what. And while there isn’t much in the way of formal innovation here — it’s essentially…

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  • Swan Song

    Swan Song


    I do love Udo Kier, but how is it that Fassbinder’s oldest friend was more convincing as the leader of a racist paramilitary death squad in Bacurau than he is as an aging queen —which is exactly what he is — in this film? Most, if not all of the blame I say belongs to the writer/producer/director, Todd Stephens.

    When I saw the hate crime that was Another Gay Movie at the Frameline fest in 2006, it was enough to put…

  • GUO4



    Frameline 45 Dark Twisted Fantasies program
    Short #1

    Gather round, children, for mama’s going to tell you the story of how she used to get porn back when she was just a little, horny, pudgy closet-case teen and the Internet wasn’t even a glimmer in Al Gore’s eye. You see, there used to be these charming establishments called “adult book stores.” And, no, they didn’t specialize in books about controlling your cholesterol or mortgage finance rates…they actually sold pornography, in…