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  • Two
  • A Good Day for a Swim
  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing
  • Forever's Gonna Start Tonight
  • Un Chien Andalou

2018 Short Film Diary

34 films

Since I don’t include them on my main diary, this is a selection of notable short films (using AFI/BFI’s less-than-40-minute…

  • Swimmer
  • The 400 Blows
  • 3 Women
  • Always for Pleasure
  • Andrei Rublev
  • Antichrist

My Criterion / Eclipse Collection

126 films

A list of the physical Criterion films I own.

Box sets/collections are listed in the notes of each individual film.

  • Pandora's Box
  • The Phantom Carriage
  • Ménilmontant
  • Frankenstein
  • Grand Illusion

Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2019

52 films

Class of 2019 Jason Tucker | dustybits | José Chalupa


I have put this year's challenge together in response…

  • The Night of the Hunter
  • The Big Parade
  • The Passion of Joan of Arc
  • Gone with the Wind
  • L'Âge d'Or

Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2018

52 films


From the pioneers of film to post-digital trailblazers, the aim of this challenge is to take you on an…