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  • Infinite



    Truly a movie that Does Not Exist. Not now, not ever.

    WTF is with Wahlberg playing mentally ill action heroes? First Mile 22 where his lead's bipolar, and here where he is a diagnosed schitzophrenic. Shit like that shouldn't be a gimmick, and that's w/o mentioning the ickiness of Wahlberg playing someone who's effectively a reincarnated samurai.

  • The Long Kiss Goodnight

    The Long Kiss Goodnight


    Doesn't reach the heights of the other Shane Black 90s greats but pretty serviceable as a 90s action vehicle for Davis (if maybe too absurd by the 3rd act).

    Unsure if it's reshoots or the 90s of it all, but this 3rd act looks nearly identical to Die Hard 3's, right down to Sam Jack's wiseguy 2nd lead.

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