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  • Moi, un Noir

    Moi, un Noir


    I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this one, an African film by French 'ethnographer' Jean Rouch that blurs the line between documentary and fiction. Some good bits and pieces, both in the narration and the footage itself but, to me, it doesn't really come together as a whole despite its interesting concept.

    Moi, Un Noir is actually considered the seminal film of the so-called 'ethnofiction' genre, in which the actor is supposed to function as a mediator by…

  • Letter from Siberia

    Letter from Siberia


    "Since you can never tell how a bear will react to a camera, we were offered the protection of an armed policeman. But since we are much more frightened of policemen than we are of bears... we politely declined."

    Playful and compelling Chris Marker travelogue that was shot on 16mm by Sacha Vierny — delightful.

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  • Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert

    Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert


    India Song (Reprise)

    A fascinating project in which Duras takes India Song's audio track and overlays it with a wholly new, even more haunting visual tapestry. The resulting concoction seems in conversation with the original film, as if all the empty spaces and damp walls we see of the once glorious ambassador's palace represent a dreamscape that is supposed to evoke distant memories of Anne-Marie Stretter and the human tragedy of India Song — a post-colonial reflection.

  • Raw



    To my surprise, this 2016 horror film isn't nearly as disturbing as I was led to expect. Instead, Raw is a surprisingly endearing and complex coming-of-age drama.

    In this in many ways impressive debut film, director Ducournau examines the formative experiences of self-discovery and loss of innocence, of sexual awakening and craving, the search for identity.
    On top of that it's a fascinating portrayal of the relationship of and bond between two sisters.
    Using cannibalism to explore these themes makes…