Tombstone ★★★★

"I'm your huckleberry." - Doc Holiday

Before watching Tombstone I watched John Ford's My Darling Clementine. Both films tell the story of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and the shootout at the OK Corral. I really liked My Darling Clementine, but I liked Tombstone even more! The cast is amazing! Kurt Russell, Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, and Michael Biehn all have great parts, hell, even Charlton Heston has a small part. The absolute scene stealer is Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. Holy shit . . . what a performance! He should have earned an Oscar nod for his brilliant portrayal. Stealing the show from all the aforementioned cast members is no small task, but Kilmer does just that.

Early on, I wasn't really getting into the film, but pretty soon it kicked into gear and never turned back. The action scenes were exciting and intense and the dramatic scenes were very well executed. I look forward to rewatching Tombstone to see how it holds up. Tombstone is very much a film that relies on the talent of its cast. That isn't a bad thing at all, especially considering the cast that they had. Both this film and My Darling Clementine have made me quite interested in this particular story. There have been many other film adaptions of this story and I might have to check some more out. 8.5/10

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